Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our House Is Finally Fixed!!!!!

So this winter when it snowed so much I asked someone, "Why do people get the snow off of their roofs?" I know probably a stupid question but I really didn't know and the person I asked also didn't know. Well we found out. I guess you can get what is called a ice dam. So one day in February I was sitting on the couch and I heard a rush of water. I was really confused and I looked over at the sliding glass door and water was running down it. At first I thought it was on the outside, nope it was on the inside. This also happened in our bedroom. Actually it was way worse in our room. But the contractors were nice enough to fix it for us. Turns out our roof was done wrong so it was probably half that and half us not knowing that you should probably scrape the snow off your roof. They re roofed our house and then they fixed the dry wall and as of like 20 min ago the painters left!!!!!! K I am really excited because I have been staring at my ugly wall for a while now and it is just so nice to have it fixed. Now we just need to get heat tape up. We learned our lesson.