Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rolling Over and Andrus Dance pictures

I am finally posting the pictures of Andru in her cute little dance costume. She was so funny we asked her to do a dance pose and this is what she did she is so cute. They danced to "Grand Old Flag" it was so cute.

Lexi also rolled over for the first time on the 15. She is such a cute little girl. I don't know how we got such cute little girls out of Dave and me. I guess what they say is true. Ugly people do make cute babies. J/k :) But really they are so cute they also have such beautiful eyes Andru has pretty blue green eyes and Lexi has blue. Dave has brown/green and I have boring brown eyes. So I really thought that I would have kids with brown eyes I got lucky. Not that brown can't be pretty. I guess I just never really liked my eyes so I always wanted my kids to have a different color of eyes. K I know I just totally rambled on about that. Sorry.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My new toy.

I am so excited for my birthday I got an elliptical machine. I have been trying to get back in shape and used to go to curves but it is really hard to go. I always have to go after Dave gets home from work and then it is hard because I am trying to get dinner ready and stuff. So I decided that I would just get something to do at home. It should be here sometime this week I think, I hope. Hopefully it will work well for me so I can get skinny again. Thank you Dave you are awesome.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Funny Faces

Kristi and her cute little boys Easton and Ian came over last week to play. Andru and Lexi love it when they come over. Lexi loves Ian she watches him where ever he goes. That could be because she is trying to keep her eye on him. He loves to take her Binky out of her mouth. That of course makes her mad. Andru also loves it when they come over she asks me every day if she gets to see Easton. I don't know why but once they moved Andru now is obsessed with seeing him all the time. Even after he leaves she will ask when he is coming back.
We have this mat for tummy time and it has a mirror that Velcros to it. Well Ian sat on it and it stuck to his cute little bum. He was crawling all over with it. It was so cute.
Then we got out all of the crazy kittens to let Easton and Andru play with them. Then I got out the camera to take their picture. Easton is so funny he just started making the funniest faces.
He is such a cute kid with so much personality.

The kitties are finally old enough to give away, but we decided that we would take them to the pet shop. They have to be 9 weeks to do that, but I am so sick of them I had them in the laundry room but then no matter how tall of a wall I would build up they would figure out how to escape. So I took my car out of the garage and now that is where they live. I know I could have left my car in the garage but I have this stupid fear that then they would get up in the engine and oops no more kitty. So I will let them have the garage. Only a few more weeks!!! Then we will never have another kitten in our house ever. (knock on wood)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Alexis May

Sweet little Lexi. She is crazy. I was so shocked when she had a head full of hair, Andru was completely bald. Kristi had teased me when I was pregnant that she was going to have a ton. But we really never thought that she actually would.She is so cute she always has to have something in her mouth. She will shove her whole fist in her mouth. She loves her Binky it is funny because she more chews on her Binky than actually sucks on it.
She is also a mommies girl big time. She is a sassy little girl. I love it she will chew you out it is so cute. I can't wait for her to start to talk. I think she will have a lot to say.
She had her very first can of baby food the other day. Sweet potatoes. I don't know what she thought she would smile then she would scrunch up her little face in disgust.
I love Lexi she is so fun. I am so glad that we had another girl so Andru could have a sister. They love each other so much. Andru loves to hold Lexi and help me with her, and Lexi loves to sit and watch Andru play . I can't wait for her to get older so they can really play.
These are some pictures that Kristi took she does such a good job.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Andru Nicole

I decided that I just wanted to write a few things about each of my girls So I will do Andru today. Sorry if this bores all of you.

She is the best little girl she loves everyone, and is so motherly. I hope that she stays that way. I don't care if she grows up to be popular or anything I just want her to be the girl at school that is nice to everyone, the one who doesn't care if you are poor or not super pretty or anything at all she is still nice to you. That is what I want for both my girls.

Andru has always been so happy. I love watching her and Easton play, I really love it when they argue with each other they act like an old married couple. They will argue over anything who's Wendy's it is and who gets chicken nuggets, anything at all I love it. They love each other so much, Easton is just all boy and Andru is all girl so they are so fun to watch.

I found all these old pictures of her I love them. She loves water. She always wants to swim or play with the hose it is a fight to get her out of the bathtub. She is so stinking cute.

Dave used to have these big headphones. Andru wore them all the time. No music. she would just walk around the house with them on.
Yesterday we were in the truck (we used to have a Lexus)and I said "Man I miss the Lexus," Andru looked at me like I was crazy then giggled and said "But mommy Lexi is behind you." It was so cute. The other day we were watching TV and a commercial for proactive came on. Well I just happened to have a zit. Andru said "mommy maybe you need that stuff to get rid of your spots." I love how honest little kids are.

We got Mario cart on the Wii, it is really fun. Andru loves it she is actually getting better it is easier for her because you just turn your steering wheel. She is just such a good girl I love her so much.