Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I can't believe Andru is almost 5. She is growing up so fast. Last week she was the V.I.P. at preschool. She is so sweet. She is also such a girl. For Christmas she got some makeup. Well a few weeks later we had some things we needed to go do so I told her to go get her socks and shoes on. She ran off and I finished getting Lexi ready. She was taking forever so I went looking for her I found her in the bathroom doing her makeup. I told her to stop we needed to go she freaked out "but I need to get ready to go" she didn't want to leave the house without her makeup done. The funny thing is I don't really wear makeup all the time and I don't wear a lot when I do. So I never thought she would be so worried about it. She has also started to get all mad if she thinks something is ugly and I want her to wear it. She needs new shoes so the other day I took her to find some well every pair we found she didn't like so she didn't get new shoes. She is just all girl I love it. She is also the best big sister Lexi just loves her to death.
She is so tall. She is 43" and 43lbs.
Love you Andru.


I have been wanting a dog for such a long time so last week we got one. He is a Puggle, a pug and beagle. He is super cute. Andru named him Sniff.