Thursday, March 26, 2009

Andru is 5!

Yesterday was Andru's Birthday. She is 5!!!!!!!!!Crazy.
I let her pick out her own cake she was so excited.
We had family come over and open presents and have cake and icecream.

She got lots of fun stuff.
Dave and I gave her this super cute bed. I love it so does Andru.
I saw it in pottery barn. But man it was crazy expensive. So Dave showed Josh (the guy that works with him) and asked how hard it would be to make. He said he could do it and I think he did awesome. Thanks Josh.
I am going to make some cute little pink curtains for it.

She had a really good Birthday. I can't believe she is 5. She is such a good girl she is so sweet and easy going. I think she is so much like Dave. We are so lucky to have her.
We love you Andru. Happy Birthday!!!

Cute little Lexi

I just wanted to post some cute pictures of Lex. She got into my drawer full of headbands and decided they were necklaces so she put them all on.
Her hair is getting so long and she is growing up so fast. It makes me sad.