Monday, April 28, 2008

Andru is scared of the dark, and won't sleep in her room anymore instead she will sleep on the couch. So we decided that maybe she will sleep in her room if she and Lexi share. So I painted their room.

I really like it. Then when Lexi gets a little bigger we will get her a bed and blanket like Andrus.
Andru also had her very first dance recital she looked so cute and did such a good job. I thought she might get stage fright and be the little girl that just stands there and looks a little freaked, but she did really well. I don't have pictures we were running late so I was going to take them when we got home, but on the way she messed herself up but Kristi has pictures so I will have to get them from her and post them later.

Lexi is now 4 months old she is getting so big. She is so stinking cute she has started to giggle. Yesterday in Relief Society someone said something funny so everyone started laughing and she just busted up laughing it was really cute. I love it when they start being silly.

Sorry our life doesn't have to much happen we mostly just stay home and play, so I have not been posting to much. I just figure you all don't really want to have to read about me and my boring life. Well to me it is not boring but I am sure it would be boring to read about. I will try to post more often again.