Sunday, December 7, 2008

Man its been a while, sorry

Sorry its been a while. We had a really good thanksgiving. Greg and Janice came out. It was so nice to see them. They stayed at our house while they were here Andru loved it she was really sad when they had to go home. While they were out we all went to dinner.
I looked at Andru and this is what I saw.
Yep that is butter. Yum huh. She just decided that she wanted to eat some butter and of course I had to let her so I could get a picture.
Lexi is such a dork she is so flipping cute. I hate when babies get teeth it is just sad it just reminds me that they are not babies anymore. So I was sad when Lexi started to get her teeth, then they came in like this and I love it she look so stinking cute.

She is my little Vampire. She has her two bottom middle teeth too so she looks so cute.

And Lexi finally started to stand up on her own. She isn't walking yet but I think she will be really soon.
(I know my floor is a mess)

So that is all we have been up to. Lexi will be 1 in a week and a half. Sad, I can't believe it has been a year.


Gabaldon said...

Your girls are the cutest ever! Your amazing friends & we love you guys thanks for the love & support & coming to Lawerance's blessing & over for dinner:)

Thank you again for donating the money for Lawerance's birthmom & thanks to Nikki's parents we truly feel blessed....thank you!

Janice said...

I am so glad we got to see Lexi start to stand a little and wobble out a few steps before we left. Thanks again for letting us crash at your house. We had a great time. The girls still ask about Andru.

Kristi said...

Lol... I love Lexi's teeth they crack me up!! To bad it wasn't Halloween right now, she would be a way cute Bella.. or Bella baby :)

carolyn said...

Shea use to eat butter plain all the time when he was little. Must be an Owens thing.

Jenzette said...

I love the vampire teeth. Your girls are super cute