Saturday, January 31, 2009


I know my last post was short so I figured I would catch you up a little with Lexi today.

She is growing up so fast it makes me sad. At her 1 year check up she was 19lbs and 29" she is so tiny at least to me she seems so tiny Andru was 22lbs 5oz and 30.5".
She started walking about 3 weeks ago. She is so feisty I love it. She loves to sass Ian, poor kid I think he thinks shes nuts. She got a piggy bank for her birthday, we give Andru money for her to put in hers all the time so we let Lexi try to put some money in hers and she loves it. So I put a pile of change next to her and let her have fun. (don't worry I was watching her the whole time so she wouldn't eat any)

Lexi can now say, Da da, Ma ma, Kitty, and Z that is what she says for fuzzy which is what we call her blanket.

This is her on New Years eve. We went to our friends house I was really worried about her, I didn't think she would make it but she was so good.
She is such a good baby. I love how much she loves Andru. I am so glad that I had 2 girls .
There is nothing like having a sister.


Randy or Jen said...

She is such a cute little girl! You forgot to mention how much she loves her Mama!

Janice {Run Far} said...

Oh my word, she is getting big. I am so happy she is walking. Is she into everything? Miss you guys.

Diane said...

How darling! The pictures are so precious and so is she! What a blessing to have 2 girls! I would like to see her and Ian together. Love you all, G Grandma M

Gabaldon said...

Lexi is so cute! I love the picture of her putting money in her piggie bank!!!

Lawerance is only 4lbs less then his future girlfriend!!! Seriously! He's a monster:)

Kristi said...

She is so stinkin cute!! It cracks me up how little they are, but they already "fight" with each other.