Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter, Bowling, and some random pictures

Sorry I know this is kinda late. We had a really good Easter. Andru got to play with Cole and Chloe, she has missed them so much. We had an Easter egg hunt at Grandmas. Lexi was just excited to run all over the yard she didn't really want to pick up any eggs.

Lexi has started to love coloring.
We just set her on the floor with crayons and paper she LOVES it.
I think mostly just because she loves doing whatever Andru is doing.

We have never really done family home evening. But a while ago we decided that we would just have Monday be family fun night. Yesterday we decided to go bowling. Andru loved it, she was just sad that she never got a strike like her dad.

Lexi just loved the m&ms (big surprise).

Kristi's sister in law got married this past weekend. Kristi asked me if I could make their cake. a few people have wanted to see pictures of it so here you go.
p.s my mom did the flowers


Kristi said...

You did an awesome job on the cake, everyone LOVED it!! Thanks again! Way cute pictures of Lexi and Andru

Anonymous said...

OMG! That cake is amazing! I didn't know that you did cakes! And your kids are so cute. I can't wait to come out and see everyone - I'm thinking (unless our house somehow sells during now and then) that we're going to try and come out on the 4th through the 6th of May.

Gabaldon said...

WOW!!! Love the cake you did amazing job!!!

Andru & Lexi are our favorites they are such sweet little girls, we love you guys!

We should all go bowling, never been to this Vernal one before, looks like a lot of fun!!!

Diane said...

The pictures are precious! They are such adorable little girls! We love them so much! That cake is absolutely GEORGEOUS! That is alot of work! I look forward to your blogs so much! We love you all, grandma and grandpa M.

The Morris Family said...

Wow! That cake is amazing! You did a really good job (and the flowers your mother did look really good too)!

Happy Easter! Your girls are so dang cute! Andru did a fantastic job today of taking care of Addison. What little sweethearts!!!

LaceyG. said...

Love the cake. Is there anything you can't do?

who knows said...

heers a randum piture fer ya.