Monday, June 29, 2009

This and That....

So its been a long time... Sorry.
I turned 26. Dave and I had our 6th wedding anniversary. Andru graduated from preschool.
Janice and her girls came out to visit. It was so good to see them we have missed them so much. Then we went to Denver to visit Lori and Wes. We had a lot of fun it was nice to have Dave get a week off work. While we were in Denver we went to an aquarium.

Andru and Lexi loved it. It was so fun we got to feed sting rays they kinda bite but it was still really neat.

We also went to a children's museum.
The kids had so much fun they got to just run around and play.

And I just have to show you the crazy Hail. I love storms so I thought it was pretty cool. I was worried about my car but it didn't get any dents thank heavens.

So sorry that is about all that has been going on with us.


Kristi said...

You got bit my a stingray?!?! That looks way fun, I have wanted to take Easton and Ian to a children's museum too... Glad you guys had so much fun when you were in Denver! Way cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

You guys have been busy! It looks like the girls had fun on your vacation.

Diane said...

Glad you got to go to denver! looks like the kids had a good time! glad dave got some time off. Wow, that must have been some hail storm! we are happy your home safe. we love you all so much! grandma

Jenzette said...

How fun! I love summer and vacations