Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Dressed

So this morning while I was doing my hair Lexy woke up. So I asked Andru to go keep her happy for a minute while I washed all of the gunk off my hands. She did she will go in and sing cute little made up songs. I went in and Lexy was smiling so cute up at Andru. She Loves her so much.

Well I picked her up and took her in the living room and laid her down, and I went and got her clothes so I could get her changed. I walked back in the living room and found Andru tearing Lexy's clothes off her. Poor little girl she was just starring all wide eyed up at Andru.

After I helped take off her jammies Andru then thought that she was going to get to dress Lexy as well. So I convinced her to let me help. I got her shirt on and let her button it up. I think Lexy was a little scared. She just would look at Andru and make this cute little noise. Then she would look at me I think she was wondering what in the world I was letting Andru do to her.
Then I put her pants on Andru then pulled them up under Lexy's arm pits. Then I let her try to put on her socks. Lexy liked this part she was kicking her feet all over so Andru could not catch them to get the socks on and then she would smile so cute .
They are so cute together I can't wait until Lexy gets old enough to really play with Andru.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That's so cute! We're coming out this weekend to visit for a bit, so I can't wait for Harli to see them.

LOL - I just had Harli say "Andru and Lexi" again... she said "Dadu and Sexy". I guess Harli thinks Lexi is Sexy - woohoo!

Janice said...

That is super cute, what a big little helper.

Courtney Kristi Easton & Ian said...

I also love how they love their siblings, it makes me so happy. Ian told me to tell Sexy Lexy he is going to eat her binky.. :)