Friday, February 29, 2008


One day in June Dave found a cute little kitten in the dumpster at his work. So he took it to the vet got its shots had them clean her up and then he brought her home to Andru. She is the best cat ever. I absolutely hate indoor cats but somehow she ended up inside. mostly because all we had for a yard was dirt and we live in the middle of a bunch of construction. She has been really good for a inside cat when we got our kitty door she started using it right away so no more litter box. She also loves the snow crazy right I thought cats hated the snow not Rascal.
She also loves Andru so much it is so cute. When Andru is watching TV she will come in and lay down by her. She loves to sleep with her, but Andru hates that so we have to lock her out. Then she will just sit by Andru's door and meow.
This morning I made Andru mad so she was throwing a little fit on the floor. Well sure enough along came Rascal nuzzling up in Andru's hair. Then she just sat in front of her and stared at her. She is like a dog I swear. Also when Andru is taking a bath she will sit on the edge of the bath. Then Andru will fill a little tea cup that she has in the bath with water and set it by Rascal so she can drink it. One day while Andru was in the bath she had a comb and she got it wet and would then comb Rascals hair. And she just sat there and let her. I have never seen a cat love a little kid so much. She will let Andru pack her around and not do a thing. She doesn't ever scratch her. unless she thinks she is playing with her and even then she has only done that a couple times. So no matter how much she bugs me I love her because of the way she loves Andru. O yes she also loved climbing my Christmas tree. That drove me nuts.
Well now she is pregnant (we didn't get her fixed soon enough) I am not to happy about this. So if you want a kitten well we will have some very soon. And they might be crazy.


Janice said...

Holy Crap that is so funny, that little rascal.....
Cute pictures

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO not a cat person, but she sounds so cute. Harli was really mean to her last time we were there, so hopefully she'll be nicer this time. I like the picture of her up in the tree - it looks like you have a cat tree topper.

Courtney Kristi Easton & Ian said...

I think it is funny you named her Rascal, and what does she turn out to be... I hope her kittens are spotted just like her :)