Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Andru's Long Hair

I know that I complain about Andrus hair a lot. I really do love it I just hate having to deal with it. Like whenever she takes a nap ( that actually doesn't happen very often) after she would wake up her hair would be crazy frizzy and I would just have to start all over. I know everyone says that but this is way different than just having to redo piggies or something. The other pain is that I can never have a lazy day that I will say you can just have yesterdays hair. No we have to wash it every single morning. I love the way it looks after it is all done. It really is so pretty. I always wanted to have a little girl with brown curly hair and green eyes. Well I got just that. She is so beautiful. But for every girl out there with curly hair I feel for you. The other thing that sucks about her hair is she loves to play with her hair and brush it put it in a pony all sorts of stuff. Well that causes a problem then it goes into a poof ball so unless it is late at night and I know we won't be going anywhere I don't let her play with her hair. I know I am mean. So every now and then I like to do her hair straight. I love to see how long it really is and she always looks so grown up with it straight. And then Andru can brush her hair as much as she wants. She also loves to flip her hair, it is so cute. It really makes me feel bad for her. She is so good while I am doing it she will sit still for me. Well yesterday I did it straight here are some pictures.


Janice said...

Holy freaking crap- It is so long. I love it, it is so pretty and long. Thanks for watching my girls the other night, I hope you will let us repay the favor.

I have to tell you what Taylor said.. She was going through all the blogs while I was making dinner and she was yelling at me.... MOM, MOM who is that?
When I came in, it was a picture of Andru with the straight hair. LOL- It was so funny.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Her hair is SO much longer than I would have guessed! It doesn't even look like her.

Gabaldon said...

Love her hair she is so adorable!