Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Doctor Andru

Last night Andru got out her doctor kit and wanted to fix Alexis. It was so cute. She always does this to Dave and me. It was so cute to see her do it to Lexi. Lexi just laid there with this cute look on her face. ( she is such a good baby.) So first Andru checked her ears.
Then she had to check Lexi's blood pressure
Then she took her temperature.
And this is what it was
It was really cute.I love my girls.


Janice said...

She is pretty- I love them too-

I think I gave that same Dr kit to a friends little boy for Christmas- funny

Anonymous said...

Oh, how adorable! Did she find anything wrong with Lexi, or was she in good health? I guess it'll be nice for you to never have to take her to the doctor again, since you have your own in-house on-call doctor!

Kristi said...

That is too cute, kinda nice for you she found someone else to torture who can't complain ;) What a good patient! Andru i think Rascal needs a prenatal consultation, make sure her blood pressure is okay, and she is gaining enough weight.... :)

LaceyG. said...

That is so cute. I wish Ty pretended more. But he is getting there. Andru must be an awesome big sister.